You just have survived a plane crash! But now you are in the middle of the forest! What should you do first?

Its starting to get darker outside. What should you do first?

It's dark outside now. What should you do now?!

It's now morning! You survived the night. Now what should you do?

It's now been several days. No one has found you yet. But you still have hope. What should you do?

Would You Survive A Plane Crash Deep Into The Forest?
You barely lived!
You panicked a little. You almost starved to death, but you lived! You might have made some wrong decisions there to there, but you lived and found civilization! CONGRATS!
You died!
Sorry to say. You probably lasted a day or two, maybe three. You died. You could not stand a chance! You panic too much, and you went crazy! You most likely died from all symptoms. Sorry but not sorry!

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